Miso Office Tour

  • August 09, 2012

  • Back in May we relocated to a new office space just around the corner from our old one. Although I’ll miss the concrete floors and exposed brick walls, we now have twice the space, enough room to not eat at our desks, and the opportunity to start fresh with our office decor. We took over Desk.Com's old office and knocked down a lot of the existing walls to make the space much more open. I was left in charge of finishes which basically meant choosing the accent paint color (the orangey-red above) and curating our TV poster collection.

    Unfortunately we did not get to change the bathroom paint color which was this bright avocado green, but you’ve got to work with what you’ve got.

    Luckily Ryan Gosling can make any paint color look good. 

    Our main living room area where most team meetings and presentations are held. I kind of like that most of our office looks more casual and home-y than professional, it seems to fit with the TV theme. Often times some of us will sit around the TV here doing work while someone is playing a video game or watching the news. I feel like something needs to go on that back wall, but not sure what yet…

    This is probably my favorite room in the office, which we affectionately call The Banana Stand. It’s actually the room in which we hold all of our user-testing. We intentionally decorated it to look more like an apartment’s living room to make our test users feel more at ease and in a real TV watching environment rather than a testing lab.

    We also have a few trolls in the office…

    One of my other favorite areas is this cushy and private ‘nook’ for when you want to do some work without being distracted. We also use this area for very informal meetings and for hanging up our process.

    So, yup! That’s our new office at Miso. If you’re ever in the downtown SF area, feel free to stop by, say hi, and have a juice box on us. 

    Cuteness Overload at Daiso

  • August 05, 2012

  • Since I was downtown and had some time to kill I decided to check out the recently opened Daiso Japan store by my office. It had been over a year since I first visited their store in Japantown, and probably for good reason. With almost everything in the store being priced at $1.50 it’s a little too easy to load up on a ton of ridiculously adorable things I don’t actually need. It’s also nearly impossible not to buy something once I walked in so I left with a haul that would make Strawberry Shortcake ripe with jealousy.

    While Daiso carries a vast range of items from stationary to cosmetics to kitchenware, something does feel a little odd to me about buying a $1.50 frying pan or even their glassware. However, I think it’s the perfect place to pick up cleaning supplies — they are meant to disposable so I’m not that concerned with how long they’ll last and also where else can you find a sponge shaped like a piece of cake?

    I mean, come on!

    I bought this container because it reminds me of one of my favorite sites from my childhood, the ever entertaining engrish.com.

    Even their plastic baggies are festive!

    Yep. All of the above and that adorable dust-mitten for a total of something around $15. This could become a slippery slope. This could become a problem. 

    Grosche “Munich” Glass Kettle

  • August 02, 2012

  • Being an avid tea drinker and enthusiast, I didn’t last long in the new place without a kettle of my own, so I recently ordered this bad boy from Amazon and gave it a spin. They say that glass kettles produce a purer tea taste without any of the residual metallic taste that steel kettles are wont to leave behind. 

    I suppose my tea tasted better, but the real joy of this product is that it totally makes you feel like some kind of bad ass scientist while you’re watching the water boil. Like Walter on Breaking Bad (which I just started watching). Perhaps next time I’ll step it up a notch and try brewing tea in an erlenmeyer flask.

    Love Letter to Missoni Home

  • July 31, 2012

  • If I could live inside of any fashion house’s… well, house, it would without a doubt be Missoni. Founded by Ottavio and Rosita Missoni in 1953 the Italian fashion empire encompasses luxury goods and an even international hotel line. As much as I love a monotone and minimalist home, I can’t deny that I prefer to live in a very colorful world. So Missoni has always impressed with me with their ability to basically break all the rules with their excessive combinations of colors, prints, and patterns and still manage to make it all look tasteful with some 60’s charm. 

    I’m a little bummed I hadn’t moved into my new apartment last fall when the Missoni for Target collection launched— although it may be for the best given the chaotic accounts from the debut. It may be awhile before I can afford a legitimate piece of Missoni furniture, or even something as small as a tea towel, but maybe one day soon I can treat myself to a stay at one of the Hotel Missonis.


  • July 26, 2012

  • Hung up some string lights (but broke a few bulbs in the process) in my living room above the hutch and also hung up my new shower curtains and made that bathroom look so much whiter and brighter.

    MUJI Storage video sent by my friend Xiang of In The Mood for Heart. I love MUJI stuff, it’s ridiculous that there isn’t a store in San Francisco (yet). I bought some cardboard giraffe statues from the store in NY which I plan on spray-painting hot pink.

    Lively Living Room Inspiration

  • July 17, 2012

  • Living rooms are like the statement piece of any household— in which case, we must go big and bold or go home (no pun intended). Unlike the utility-based bathroom, kitchen, and even bedroom, living rooms are purely social spaces. The more the room itself can lend to conversation, the better. Seeing as to how this room will also be doubling as a casual workspace for me, it is even more important that the room is bursting with inspiration.

    I’m very inspired by the juxtaposition of traditional forms with vibrant, saturated hues and exotic prints. The aesthetic could be described as a bit French-Colonial. The idea came from the green-blue stained glass window over my more classical looking built-in hutch in the living room. I knew that I had to work with the stained glass somehow so I plan to work straight off of that color palette. As the first step in that direction, just last week I put in an order for a velvet loveseat in “blue lagoon” from West Elm. From there on inspiration has been drawn less from existing pictures of living rooms and more from other elements of pop culture, like the pops of yellow in Wes Anderson films and this past March’s Free People catalog shoot in Vietnam. 

    1. String Lights from Target 2. Throw by Missoni Home 3. Moroccan Pouf Ottoman from One King’s Lane 4. Henry Loveseat from West Elm 5. Trollsta Side Table from IKEA 6. Pillows by Calypso St. Barth for Target 7. Grape Bunch Bottle from Etsy 8. Rock Candy Lamp from Swank Lighting 9. Dylan Credenzafrom Thrive Furniture.

    Black + White Bathrooms

  • July 13, 2012

  • 1. Shower Curtain from Urban Outfitters 2. Black Soap by Caswell-Massey 3. York Trash Bucket from Urban Outfitters 4. Peonies and Vase by Kate Spade 5. Oceanstar Bamboo Bath Mat 6. Perpetual Blooms towels from Anthropologie 7. Miu Miu illustrations by Paper Fashion 8. Kuro Soap by Sort of Coal 7. Scout Soap Dish from Izola.

    I’ve decided to tackle my bathroom first and foremost out of all the rooms in my new apartment— first, because it’s one of the most utilized rooms in the entire place and second, because it’s small and manageable. Initially I wanted to give my bathroom a nautical theme: predominantly blue and white with red as an accent. However, once I moved in and was reintroduced to the greyish-teal colored tile I had to work with I decided to go with something more neutral. 

    Hence the emphasis on black and white. I kind of enjoy the sparse and almost masculine tone that black and white bathroom hardware gives off. I think that would help offset the girlier gold and pink details which I plan to use as accents. The introduction of wood also keeps things interesting by adding another texture to the room. I’ve already received the bath mat in the mail and it’s been working out well. It’s definitely a drastic improvement from having to worry about people trampling all over fabric rugs. 

    Most of the items pictured above for inspiration are already in my possession, along with a new shower head that’s been working out exceptionally well. The next thing on my list to tackle with regards to the bathroom is how to preserve prints and protect them from the humidity. Any tips would be appreciated!


  • July 11, 2012

  • Mocked up this quick floorplan to show you guys what I’m working with. Proportions are probably a bit off because I just eyeballed it, but you get the point.

    Pleased To Meet You, Pierce Street

  • July 05, 2012

  • I shamelessly stole these pictures from the original rental listing for the apartment (so don’t judge me on the quality). I’m definitely enjoying the bay windows in the bedroom and the weird built-in hutch in the living room + stained glass window are kind of cool and unique details. I think the room I’m least enthused about is the kitchen. I’m not a big fan of formica anything so I need to work around that somehow. Likewise there is a built-in desk in the bedroom but it is also covered in formica, which feels particularly out of place there. I would rather just remove it entirely— with the amount of clothes I could definitely use the extra closet space!